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Okay, first order of business...

  Seems like we have some confusion over various aspects of the F91
Gundam. Let's take these one at a time...

* As has been noted already, the VSBR's trick is the ability to vary the
speed of the mega particles emitted from the rifle. Slow particles spread
out to do damage over a large area, like the beam bazookas used by the
F91, Cluster Gundam, Vigna Ghina, and various V Gundam-era mobile suits.
Fast particles form a tight beam with high penetrating power, able to
punch through a beam shield. The F91's VSBRs run directly off its
reactor, not an E-Cap, and are used by its AMBAC system to assist in
manuevering - in effect, they work like extra limbs.

* Turns out there is an official explanation for the after-images. When
the F91 is running at maximum power, it not only sprouts radiator fins
and opens its face mask to cool the bio-computer, but it can even burn
off the outer layers of its armor to dump heat. This is described as the
"Metal Peel-off Effect," or MEPE, and it produced the after-images as a
by-product. Who knew?

* And yes, about that face mask. The opening face is another
heat-dissipating measure. The bio-computer in the F91's head generates
immense heat when it's operating at peak performance, hence the opening
of the face mask. The Crossbone Gundam has a similar heat-dumping
gimmick, in which its face mask opens like a scary jaw. (The Crossbone
Gundam comic explains this at some length.) Points to Edmund, Eddie and
Richie for remembering this.

* Sorry, Chris: There's no "psycommu emitter" in the F91's face. I'm no
even sure what a psycommu emitter is supposed to be, let alone how it
could be used as a weapon!

-- Mark

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