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Well the GP-03D isn't really an MS, as the MS inside I'd give even
odds against the Zeta itself, and in full platform, maybe only pilots
like The "O" with Sirocco piloting, or Psycho Gundam, or something
like that. But Zeta took on the Psycho Gundam and couldn't dent it
either. The presence of the I-Field Generator doesn't help though.
There are machines from Zeta that could take on 0083's nasties
and the beam weapons from Zeta should rip the 0083 to shreds,
but you never know. Hell the Alex should be able to rip GP-01 to
shreds too, but like the Nue Zeil where do you find pilots ready
for such a machine. And about the Alex having weaknesses, if
Chris had been better with her beam saber, the Zaku would be
toast, yes I know that's how Bernie got it, but really, he wanted a
fight that was close up, he got it. The Beam Rifle (FN-FAL clone)
never got finished to my knowledge, but I'd like to think that if it
had the Zeta would have been built with Gatling Guns, that's all
the Alex really was. It was a Zeta clone with Gatlings, and a full
armor suit.


> I have to agree that Gundam Mk-II is leaning more toward mass
> than RX-78 (although it was the testbed for the GM later), but overall,
> many MS you found in the Zeta TV series seems to be better than the GP
> series in 0083? Heck, even the GMs that appear in 0083 seems to be better
> than then Nemo and GMII that appear as main units in Zeta. Other than
> and a few, even the high end MS in Zeta doesn't seems to be any better
> GP01Fb (non is really even close to GP03D, even the Psycho Gundams). I am
> sure that other people on the list already pointed out that 0083 attract
> fan via visuals while most of the other OYW Gundam series via its story
> its more realistic mecha design.
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> Edmund Chiu

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