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> But the MK II is really crap anyway... It was always getting
> its butt kicked by everything else in the series. Basically
> you had a PLOT character in it, or you didn't same as any
> Gundam. The thing about OVAs is you can have Test pilots
> "Chris" defeat an Ace special forces pilot one day, and
> lose everything to a determined Rookie "Bernie" the next.
> In a series like MSG or ZG, Amuro/Camille has time to
> actually learn to pilot the thing and become a combat monster.

    If you're talking about how Chris manage to defeat that veteran while
having trouble with Bernie, remember this - Chris surprised the veteran
because 1) she has a superior MS and 2) she surprised him with the add-on
armor, which can protect the MS from the mine. In the Chris versus Bernie
fight, Bernie already know of Alex's weakness (only Gatling gun as main
weapon, as they don't dare use beam rifle in the colony), and he had Chris
in a disadvantage by fighting the Gundam in his "domain". Although I agreed
that in a TV series, you had more time to show the pilot adopting to the MS.

> The GP series was proof of concept like the RX-78, the
> RX-178 MK-II was to them more like the RX-79(G) series
> more of a mass produced feel without ever making it to
> Mass production... So there are resons why the GP is better
> than the MK-II its all about why they we're built. Yes I'll admit
> 0083 brings a lot of plot inconsistencies along with it, but
> that's why I only play OYW anyways. I like 08th MS team
> and 0080 problems much better than those caused by 0083
> to the storyline before Zeta. Especially all the retconned GMs
> get really hard to ignore... one wonders why they simply did
> not continue improving the GM line instead of making the MK-II
> or continue the GP series, with a Re-GP-01Fb (Refined)as the
> standard Titans suit, like they did to the Gundam Zeta for CCA.

    I have to agree that Gundam Mk-II is leaning more toward mass production
than RX-78 (although it was the testbed for the GM later), but overall, how
many MS you found in the Zeta TV series seems to be better than the GP
series in 0083? Heck, even the GMs that appear in 0083 seems to be better
than then Nemo and GMII that appear as main units in Zeta. Other than Zeta,
and a few, even the high end MS in Zeta doesn't seems to be any better than
GP01Fb (non is really even close to GP03D, even the Psycho Gundams). I am
sure that other people on the list already pointed out that 0083 attract its
fan via visuals while most of the other OYW Gundam series via its story and
its more realistic mecha design.
Edmund Chiu

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