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>This goes to the psychological aspect of the Gundam design. If you remember
>the 1YW, what were all the Zeon MS pilots afraid of? 'The White Mobile
>Suit.' The very name Gundam has a very strong meaning in the Universal
>Century timeline, and there are strong images associated with the look of
>the Gundam. There was no real reason for the Federation continue to design
>Mobile Suits with two camera eyes and V-fin antennae. No, they did it
>simply because the Name and look of the Gundam continued to evoke strong
>emotions, even 55 years after the One Year War. This is the same reason
>that the League Militaire designed the V-Gundam the way that they did.

yes, I remember having an intro for the V-gundam which
said something to that effect, before the major revamp. I twould make
sense. after all the havok and miracles Amuro pulled off, I guess the
White mobile suit phenomenon is considered as part of history.

Now comes the good question...if Amuro achieves a sort of immortality as
the pilot of the white mobile suit, were there indications in F91 and
V-gundam of Char's contributions to history? I mean, I've watched F91, and
there is no reference I can offhand remember, except for their dress sense,
which looks a bit like what char loved to wear.

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