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>Subject: Re: [gundam] VSBR
>Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 12:03:49 EDT
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> writes:
> > > Hmmm, If I remember correctly, it was a way to get
> > > heat from the computer or what not, right? a
> > > glorified heat sink? of course, the way it was
> > > emphasized also makes one wonder if it didn't have a
> > > Mazinger Z like breath weapon, as it may be...
> >
> > You mean those throwback, 70's style mouth-based
> > weapon like the 'sulphuric acid wind' or the ever
> > reliablr 'flame-thrower'. It'll be cool if F91 has
> > these kind of weapon when the head vulcan get
> > jammed...
> I'm pretty sure the F91 does have a kinda weapon like that when the
>opens. Didn't Seabook use that face 'sneeze' weapon against that weird-ass
>mobile armor Iron Mask used? Anyway, I remember in Gundam G Generation for
>Playstation, instead of a beam saber as a regular melee weapon, it has that
>'sneeze.' It looks pretty cool actually. Too bad Seabook doesn't do any
>retro-style 'name-of-the-move-yelling.' Suupaa Gundaam F-91 Sneeeeeeeze!
> ~Gokou
Exactly. As I and one other person mentioned, the F-91 is equipped with a
Psycommu Emitter in the face mask.

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