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>Edmund Chiu wrote:
> > I thought we go over this before - the mask was in place because the
> > Bio-computer generate a lot of heat so by opening the mask, it can cool
> > down a bit more. F91 never opened up it mask until the fight against
> > Mask, since Seabrook was using the Bio Computer full time...
>So next question why bother with the mask other than to make i look like
>a traditional Gundam (as it was not originally intended to be called
>Gundam)? I assume the bio computer is under the mask and perhaps the
>mask served as some sort of armour for it?

This goes to the psychological aspect of the Gundam design. If you remember
the 1YW, what were all the Zeon MS pilots afraid of? 'The White Mobile
Suit.' The very name Gundam has a very strong meaning in the Universal
Century timeline, and there are strong images associated with the look of
the Gundam. There was no real reason for the Federation continue to design
Mobile Suits with two camera eyes and V-fin antennae. No, they did it
simply because the Name and look of the Gundam continued to evoke strong
emotions, even 55 years after the One Year War. This is the same reason
that the League Militaire designed the V-Gundam the way that they did.

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