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>> I need to watch F91 again.. I missed a whole lot.
>> ^_^;; Maybe the reason the face opens up like that
>> could be the same reason the Shining Gundam's
>> face pops open while doing the Shining Finger?
> ::shrugs::
> Hmmm, If I remember correctly, it was a way to get
> heat from the computer or what not, right? a
> glorified heat sink? of course, the way it was
> emphasized also makes one wonder if it didn't have a
> Mazinger Z like breath weapon, as it may be...

You mean those throwback, 70's style mouth-based
weapon like the 'sulphuric acid wind' or the ever
reliablr 'flame-thrower'. It'll be cool if F91 has
these kind of weapon when the head vulcan get

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