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>> Its also in the Future Sci-Fi listing. Its an
>> Bandai injection plastic 1/144th scale GM Sniper.
>> seems the 08th MS Team isn't dead after all.
>> Aaron
> hmmmmm...I wish they would have updated Doms and
> that weird zakudom thing.

"08" version of Dom? Sure, why not, a very subtle
update from 0079, and I like it a lot when I saw it on
the "08" OVA. I would also like that MS-06RD4 "Dom
Zaku" get a HG release, too, since the 1:144 LM model
of 08's Ball is a kitbash Dom Zaku and it looks great.
If Bandai can release GM Quel, I don't see why not
these 2 will eventually be released...

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