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Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:41:08 +0800

garrick lee wrote:

> someone asked when it would be available in the philippines.
> i think we'd have a few weeks delay (one month at most...i hope). we're not
> _that_ jurassic, y'know :) the turn A gundams started popping up when they
> were said to be released, and so did the mg dom.
> best toys in virramall (i think they'll take reservations, since they take
> orders...) or toy kingdom should have them when they're released in 2000.
> (wake me up then!)
> maybe there's a chance they'll do the classic valkyrie...?
> ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...i'll even stand on my head and squawk like a
> chicken.
> side question: why won't bandai do the classic valkyrie when they just did
> the macross 7 valkyries? how can they junk the original like that? *sob*
> darn gundam taking all the spotlight. :P
> i'm pathetic :)
> -ddd

which reminds me, for all those guys in the Philippines...I dropped by ShoeMart
North Edsa last Sept. 1, 1999 (wednesday) and guess what I found...TWO PERFECT
GRADE ZAKU KITS!!! Well, two were displayed...I presume there's more in their
stockroom. I was really surprised that even SM now realized that Gundam is

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