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<< > >what event precisely got you guys into gundam?
 I never did get round to answering this...
 My first taste of Gundam came last year, when I was treated to the first
 four episodes of Gundam X at a local show. First reaction: 'I have that
 song in mp3!' (Dreams, X OP). Second reaction: 'Gundam. I've heard of
 this.' And I was slack-jawed for the rest of the show. (I still love
 Roybea's Leopard, even with my GM infatuation.) I know X is looked down
 upon here, but it's the first Gundam I ever saw and it holds a special
 place in my heart. =) I mean, how cool is the satellite cannon? *grins*
 As for kits, my first was a 1/100 X Divider from HLJ. It's still in the
 process of being bashed with a Leopard. Haven't looked back since. I've
 done the occasional bash, my best so far being Long-Range Support RGM-79L
 GM, sorta like a GM Sniper, I suppose, but without the emphasis on
 accuracy. =)
 I wish I could be a mobile suit pilot. Then I wouldn't be stuck working
 til 2am all the time. *sighs*
 - dom >>

I on the other hand, hold a similar story. I got into gundam a few months ago
when I borrowed the first two volumes of Gundam 0083 (subtitled, thank god
^_^) and i was pretty much blown away by these cool mobile suit thingies
(dont worry I dont call em that anymore LOL) I still havent seen it all but I
plan to watch that, 08th MS team, 0079, 0080, F90, W and X (dont kill
me...please...) and whatever else is recommended (feel free to recommend =) )
My first kit was Airmaster from Gundam X and since then Ive expanded to W's
Heavyarms Custom, ZERO Custom, Sandrock custom, and Gundam X's Double
X/G-falcon. I plan to buy more of course (feel free to recommend here too)
and I currently have my eye on a MG GP02 from 0083. well see ya.


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