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>Gundam NT-1 Alex (MG) - Date 1999/10

I simply have to get promises to look massive with the chobham
on...I wonder if its an injection version of the resin 1/100?

>ZZ Gundam (MG) - Date 1999/12

This would be great...I have the old 1/100, so it would be nice to see if
it's an upgrade of sorts on the old design, or a complete new honker.

>RGM-79N GM Custom (MG) - Date 1999/12

retool mania!

>RGM-79Q GM Quel (MG) - Date 1999/12 (Which GM is this? Is there a picture of

interesting...i wonder why.

>Rick-Dom (MG) - Date 1999/10

HA! I thank god i decided to wait!.

>Wahoo! Is all I can say, if the above kits are released on those dates and
>not delayed.

Aye the rule is, don't hold your breath...

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