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Thu, 02 Sep 1999 00:24:34 -0800

>>> I think that Chris fared pretty well, considering that she only
>>>had a few rounds left in the gattling cannon and a beam sable to
>>>deal with Bernie. Besides, she did put away a Kampher.
>>And she wasn't a combat pilot. She was a test pilot, and it was
>>mentioned that she had never fought in the war since she was
>>stationed on earth in an R&D facility. I think she did great!
>Hmm, I hate to do a Kou Uraki comparison, but we don't have many
>test pilots in Gundam. Anyway, Kou was also stationed on earth and
>had no real combat experience, and he went up against the Nightmare
>of Solomon who WAS PILOTING a GUNDAM, not a Zaku II, along with a
>truckload of hostiles - Dom Tropen, Komusai capsule, etc.

How are test pilots choosen in the real world? Are they actually
combat veterans, experienced pilots or are they just trained from
scratch like Kou and Chris?


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