Thu, 2 Sep 1999 03:28:40 EDT

> what event precisely got you guys into gundam?

I saw these awesome models in a game store (F-91 and SF-91) and bought one.
Then I went back and bought two more. Then I was coming in every week to see
if a new model had come in. The new ones were 1/144 scale Victory models.

Later on, I worked for Game distributor, and Mecha Press and Protoculture
Addicts was one of the items we sold. So I learn about Gundam through those

later on, when I was in New York working for Sony, I found Gundam LDs for
sale at Tower Records. I bought a LD play from the Sony Family Store and
bought the MSG movies, Zeta, G Gundam, and the first volume of Gundam Wing.

Later still, I found the Internet and went broke from backorders at Hobby
Link Japan and bidding wars on eBay.

And of course, there's the GML.


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