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> > trivia question for the gundam slumbook:
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> > what event precisely got you guys into gundam?
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> > for me, it was painting a friend's rxf-91 and neogundam. after that, my
> > first kit was an academy S-gundam...and my first real bandai kit was
> either
> > a Zeta C+ or a Dreissen. It's the kits that done me in, Ma! The first
> > show I watched was Stardust Memories, followed by f-91, then 0080, then
> > CCA came later. for me 0080 still had the best story. very samurai!

For me, it was the search for Robotech toys. I saw Robotech on the Sci-Fi
channel and during one episode, relized that I had a Invid mecha standing on
my shelf from when I was little, I didn't know it was from Robotech until I
saw Robotech and wanted more toys of that robot. Then, I found someone
selling these robots called Gundam, which I had no idea what Gundam was at
that time. Once I received the Gundam kit, I basically stopped my Robotech
toy search and started buying Gundam kits every chance I got. I never saw the
gundam until last year when I watched Wing. This person that was selling
Gundam was going to record it from his LDs for me to watch, but we never got
around to it. Now, all I have to do is buy it from AnimevVillage.


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