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> trivia question for the gundam slumbook:
> what event precisely got you guys into gundam?
> for me, it was painting a friend's rxf-91 and neogundam. after that, my
> first kit was an academy S-gundam...and my first real bandai kit was either
> a Zeta C+ or a Dreissen. It's the kits that done me in, Ma! The first
> show I watched was Stardust Memories, followed by f-91, then 0080, then GW.
> CCA came later. for me 0080 still had the best story. very samurai!

For me, it was a class mate of mine who had been born and had grown up
part of his life in Japan. He had the roman album for the third
compilation movie, and brought it to school one day to show me. He knew
that I'd become a fanatical Robotech watcher, and he figured I'd like
it. I borrowed the book, and took it home with me for a couple of
days. Unfortunately, as I didn't know about anime clubs at the time,
this was the last exposure I had to it for about 4 years, until one
summer in San Fransisco, when I went into Mikado Toys and Gifts in the
Japan Cultural Center. It was '89, and CCA had just come out. I bought
my first gundam kit, the 1/144 NU-Gundam with the Fin Funnels, and had
it built before I left. I followed that with the old Mk II kit,
although I unfortunately never finished it. I also picked up the first
three issues of Animag, and found that the story was just as compelling
as the mecha and the visuals. Since then I havn't stopped.
 The next year, I bought an untranslated copy of 0080 as part of the
first batch of anime vids I ever got. (The rest were Akira, Patlabor
Movie 1, Macross: DYRL, and Venus Wars.) At the same time, I found a
Hobby store in Bakersfield which actually sold Gundam kits!

Now I'm living in Orange county. I can find Gundam kits enough to
bankrupt me, and a friend of mine who lurks at the Archives is going to
get me tapes of Zeta, so I can finally see it. But I'm never going to

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