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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Paul Fields wrote:
> Since most of the GM pilots ARE NOT newtypes, all
> the computer did was teach the GM its ok to get hit.
> Sensors: Incoming fire
> GM Cpu: That's ok, the armor can take it.
> Sensors: Hull Integrity breached, pilot should eject
> GM Cpu: Hmmm... never heard that one before
> Maybe he's supposed to use that core thingy
> Sensors: GMs don't have one
> Sensors: Minovski Reactor Overload
> GM Cpu: What's a GM...

ROTFL! That's actually a pausible conjecture!

Seriously, this has precedence in Dune. Remeber the main characters all
train themselves to fight with shields, and when they fight w/o they get
all screwed up with blocking and timing. Hmmm not explaining it too

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