Hoi Fai Leung (chmikeangel@hotmail.com)
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 23:07:10 EDT

>what event precisely got you guys into gundam?
>for me, it was painting a friend's rxf-91 and neogundam. after that, my
>first kit was an academy S-gundam...and my first real bandai kit was either
>a Zeta C+ or a Dreissen. It's the kits that done me in, Ma! The first
>show I watched was Stardust Memories, followed by f-91, then 0080, then GW.
> CCA came later. for me 0080 still had the best story. very samurai!

It was a secondary school friend of mine got me into model kits. Back then,
I really don't mind any kind of model kits, as long as it looks cool. So
the first model kit I get is an SD gundam. I didn't even know gundam all
that much. I just through the robot fights in gundam must be the coolest.
After a few years, I saw 0080 on TV. I was very surprised by the ending of
the story. The way the author puts a meaning to war is very impressive to
me. Then I through, "this is more serious then I through!" 0080 really
takes me to another level of finding a meaning to gundam. Too bad that I
don't understand the storys all that much, but it is the meaning of the
story which interested me the most. Of course, one has to love the
realistic way of building MS in the gundam world.

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