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Banpresto's recently released Deluxe RX-78-2 Gundam Full Weapon Set is
definitely the kind of toy you'd expect for a 20th anniversary.

Essentially, it's a Super-Deformed version of the Chogokin Gundam, except
that it's even better equipped. The Chogokin Gundam comes with a shield,
beam rifle, two beam sabers, two hyper bazookas, a beam javelin and a
Gundam hammer; the Full Weapon Set has all that PLUS a second shield, a
Core Fighter, a hyper hammer, four bazooka rounds, G-Parts A and B and a
damaged left shoulder replacement.

Until now, I was confused about the Gundam hammer and hyper hammer. The
Gundam hammer has the anchor-like grapnel on one end and domed protrusions
on the ball; the hyper hammer has a plug-like connector on one end and
conical spikes on the ball. The Gundam hammer resembles an Olympic
throwing hammer and is used like a mace; the hyper hammer is more like a

In any case, the Full Weapon Set allows you to field the Gundam in every
possible configuration: Gundam, G-Armor, G-Sky, G-Sky EZ, G-Bull,
Gundam+G-Fighter, Mobile Armor Mode (Gundam minus legs plugged onto G-Parts
B) and (by removing the head and exchanging the left arm) "Last Shooting"


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