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>> Not really...while its true that in Essense that the GMs (Jims!) are
>> supposed to be Gumdams Mass-Produced,
>> Its crappy armament and weak armor put it around the same level as the
>> Zaku II series in my book :)
>Where does the "weak armor" come from? I've never seen a reference to GMs
>having weaker armor than a Gundam, other than the fact the a main character
>pilot seems to be god in whatever MS that he/she pilots and GMs get blown
>away left and right (kind of like Zakus).

Just so. All of the Federation MS except the Ball were armored with lunar
titanium, including the GM. The only indication that the GM was more
lightly armored than the Gundam comes from the base weight figures: 43.4
tons for the Gundam, 41.2 tons for the GM. This could be explained by the
lack of a Core Fighter, however.

>So please tell me where it is specifically stated that GMs are down graded
>Gundam. I have yet to find such a reference.

The GM is a downgraded Gundam in that it lacks the Core Block System, has a
less powerful generator, has a more streamlined sensor and communication
system (as indicated by the "goggle" and lack of V antenna) and mounts only
one beam saber. Some GM carry two waist-mounted beam sabers, however, so
the difference is even less. In fact, the specs show only maginally less
performance for the GM:

                     RX-78-2 Gundam RGM-79 GM
                     -------------- ---------
Overall height: 18.5 meters 18.5 meters
Head height: 18.0 meters 18.0 meters
Base weight: 43.4 tons 41.2 tons
Full weight: 60.0 tons 58.8 tons
Power generator: 1,380kW 1,250kW
Rocket thrusters: 24,000kg x 2 24,000kg x 2
                     1,870kg x 4 1,870kg x 4
Thrust/weight ratio: 0.93 0.94
Sensor radius: 5.7km 6km
180 turn time: 1.5 seconds 1.6 seconds
Armor: lunar titanium lunar titanium
Ground speed: 165 kph 102 kph
Armament: 60mm Vulcan x 2 60mm Vulcan x 2
                     0.38MW beam saber x 2 0.38MW beam saber
                     beam rifle beam spray gun
                     380mm hyper bazooka
                     beam javelin
                     hyper hammer
                     Gundam hammer

Going strictly by the numbers, GM is indeed the "mark of excellence"!


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