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>> Alex, for she probably would not have survived Misha's ferious barrage
>> if it weren't for the fact that she was in a Gundam.
>Dunno. Christina was seen complaining about the mobile suit and how fast
>(almost too fast) it was. Who knows how she'd end up if she were in
>something else other than a Gundam.

Remember that no one, not even Anton Flanagan, really understood what
"Newtype" was. The Federation, noting that Amuro Ray's reflexes were so
fast that the RX-78-2 Gundam couldn't keep up with him, invented the
magnetic coating to keep the MS from burning out its bearings on him. The
NT-1 was designed to be as fast as Amuro, thus making it a "Newtype"
machine, even though it lacked any psychommu capability whatsoever.

>A Side Question: Was the Alex wearing it's flak armor during that fight?
>Would it make a difference?

It certainly would! The Alex's Chobham armor absorbed the entire 12-charge
chain mine assault, which might otherwise have destroyed the Gundam. The
Chobham armor was then discarded to reveal an unscathed Gundam ready to
demonstrate its speed, unencumbered by 12-odd tons of Chobham overcoat.


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