Heero (zzgundam@home.com)
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 19:28:15 -0700

I was wondering if someone out there can tell me where the Musha Gundams
came. To be honest, I always found the concept of a Gundam dressed in
bizarre, yet rather cool at the same time. Back when the 1/100 toys
started appearing about 10 years ago, I found them a little strange and
decided not to buy them. Besides, I already had the 1/100 toys of the
Mk II, Zeta, and Double Zeta (which I still have) and saw little point
in getting duplicates even though they came with the added armor. As
the years passed, their appeal to me had immensely grown, and now I
wished I had bought them. Plus the fact that their prices on the
secondhand market are so high makes me regret not buying them even
more. Oh well )-: Anyway, does anyone out there know where I can get
the Mushas for a reasonable price, or are they as high as the current
rate for the Takakotu and Bandai Valkyrie toys?


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