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"Su, Rodrick" wrote:

> > HLJ has the following Future MG releases:
> >
> > RGM-79Q GM Quel (MG) - Date 1999/12 (Which GM is this? Is
> > there a picture of
> > it?)
> At the end of 0083, when the crew of Albion were trying out the Titan
> uniform, a Quel (basically a Titan only GM) was being roll into the Albion's
> deck. The numbers on GM Quel isn't exactly all that hot, but it is the very
> first Titan units.

    This would be the first actual GM Quell kit right? All the others' I've seen
    conversions. At any rate I think its a great line, one 0080 kit and two 0083
    The latter should be good if my 0084 campaign ever gets off the ground since
    plan to have an antagonist Titan team with Quells and I'm sure one of the
    will end up w/ a GM Custom. The HG GM Sniper will be good too.


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