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> HLJ has the following Future MG releases:
> Gundam NT-1 Alex (MG) - Date 1999/10
> ZZ Gundam (MG) - Date 1999/12
> RGM-79N GM Custom (MG) - Date 1999/12
> RGM-79Q GM Quel (MG) - Date 1999/12 (Which GM is this? Is there a picture
> it?)
> Rick-Dom (MG) - Date 1999/10

    Oh man.. ::grins:: This is great.. Even though the GM Custom, Quell and
Rick-Dom are just retoolings, I'm STILL going nuts here! Ah man! And the ZZ?!
Alex in hardly than a month?! Whooooo..

> Wahoo! Is all I can say, if the above kits are released on those dates and
> not delayed.

    They better not pull a 'Dom' and delay ANY of these kits for ANY amount
of time.. Or I'll be SUPER-PISSED!

    ~Gokou - Ranting and raving like a lunatic

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