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> we can assume that these are a lot of ammobelts linked together
> and stored in a drum casing? very modular, very nice. But isn't it also
> that some of them are loaded in by the belt, like spooling? i think this
> was what i saw in 0083, I'll have to check again.
> So Amuro went through it that fast. so is this a standard for most
> gundams? if that's the case, then good old HeavyArms from GW must be in a
> lot of trouble a few minutes after deployment, unless he's got an ammo dump
> travelling with him.

I'm not sure how it is between the different shows. In MSG, I can plainly see
a single block of ammunition being loaded into the side of the Gundams head.
The block looked like a rack containing each of the rounds in its own cell of
a grid work.

So I can reall distinguish how the rounds get loaded.

After Amuro finally gets use to fighting in the Gundam, he startes to feather
his vulcans, to conserve ammo. The first time was inexperience, but we get to
see just how fast those things fire.


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