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> Compare the fact that the GM has:
> alloy armor
> less powerful engine
> the same vulcans
> the same shield
> no core fighter
> better eye sensors
> only one beam saber...
> It isn't a downgrade, it just isn't loaded with all of the options either.

Very true. The Gundam, on the other hand, has:

alloy armor
More weight
the same vulcans
the same shield
core fighter
different eye sensors
two beam sabers
beam rifle

The GM can have

a core block fighter
an extra beam saber
a beam rifle

So, I still no real difference other than how each was deployed. Reducing
costs for mass production meant dropping the beam rifle and the core fight,
but the core block allows external systems on the Gundam to be internal on
the GM. The mass produced head sensors have a larger visual aperture than
bioptic sensors of the Gundam. Lower GM weight means smaller engine to get
the same power range. Both the Gundam and a GM have the same engine thrust,
which gives the GM a slightly higher thrust to mass ratio. Weapon selection
is based on mission and pilot preference for the Gundam, but only for the
mission in the case of the GM.

Oh, and both the Gundam and GMs mount Lunar Titanium alloy armor at the time
of the OYW.


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