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> Hmm, I hate to do a Kou Uraki comparison, but we don't have many test
> in Gundam. Anyway, Kou was also stationed on earth and had no real combat
> experience, and he went up against the Nightmare of Solomon who WAS
> a GUNDAM, not a Zaku II, along with a truckload of hostiles - Dom Tropen,
> Komusai capsule, etc.

    I am not sure if you remember, but I remember that we already talk about
Chris' role in testing the Gundam - she was only suppose to test whether the
Gundam is working (can move, stand, fire its rifle, etc.) and she is not the
test pilot. She is more like the engineer who test the MS during the very
beginning of the development of a MS. At least Kou got training in simulated
combat (we got to see it in episode 1 already)....

> Result: GP-01 survived with barely a scratch. Alex was trashed and FUBAR.
> And the GP-01 wasn't even designed to have NewType reflexes!

    I always thought that Alex's "uniqueness" is its outrageous reaction
time, not its specs. I am pretty sure GP01 is a better MS overall....
Besides, it's not really "fair" to compare GP01 and Alex since most people
on the list agreed that some of the stuff in 0083 doesn't really fit into
the UC timeline that well (GP03 is the most obvious example. Even GP01 and
GP01Fb seems to be better than Gundam Mk-II...)

Edmund Chiu

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