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> But the GM does not have superior stats to very many MS
> it does have superior number, mass production that is, but
> not power generator, not weapons, not maneuvering, it does
> have thrust and acceleration over the Gelgoog, just not much
> else.
> > Unfortunatley we've never seen much animated evidence of
> this. People
> > just look at stats and go "Yeah, the GM has superior stats,
> it will kick
> > ass given an experienced pilot".
> And unfortunately the Gelgoogs usually got better pilots than
> say Doms did...

Not really. By the time Gelgoog finally got mass produced @ A Bao A Qu Zeon
have ran out of moderately good pilots. So they are left with the Gelgoog
Aces Corp of 24 pilots and fresh off the street recruits.

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