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> what event precisely got you guys into gundam?
> for me, it was painting a friend's rxf-91 and
> neogundam. after that, my first kit was an academy
> S-gundam...and my first real bandai kit was either
> a Zeta C+ or a Dreissen. It's the kits that done me
> in, Ma! The first show I watched was Stardust
> Memories, followed by f-91, then 0080, then GW. CCA
> came later. for me 0080 still had the best story.
> very samurai!

For me, it happened almost 18 years ago when "Gundam
0079" was broadcasted locally by a major TV station. I
was instantly hooked when I watched its opening, with
one scene showed a squadron of Zaku IIs covering the
entire TV screen, with Char's Zaku at the centre. At
the time, I thought: "This is it! Star Wars fought by
cool-looking robots. Got to see it." Not to mention my
highschool classmates were buying/hyping the then
ungraded 0079 model series, so it's natural for me to
be a Gundam fan. The amazing thing is that I am still
a Gundam fan after all these years. Got to love the
Gundam magic :)

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
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