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>Myth #1: Any MS that is outfitted with Luna Titanium automatically
>qualifies as a Gundam.
>It's a myth alright. Does a MS necessarily have to be composed of Luna
>Titanium/Gundamium/Gundarium to be a Gundam?
>Gundam Mk. II is a Gundam but its armor is of titanium/ceramic composite.
>Many MS after One Year War is outfitted with Gundamium but is not called
>Kinda makes it confusing, don't it? OF course, after OYW, the availablity
>of beam weapons makes the armor issue null and void while in OYW it's what
>saved Amuro's hide. Of course, you can verify this at:
>The easiest way of ID'ing a Gundam is to look for the trademark V fin with a
>humanoid face, though that does not apply always.

Hmmm...which always was a stickler for's like a symbolic "SHOOT ME"
sticker in the back, those fins and the humanoid face. On the other hand,
it does make for great psyh warfare, if people remember what Amuro did with
the first one. threfore, whenevcer the enemy sees a v-finned robot,
they'll always think that its gonna be hell to kill/beat. I think this was
the idea behind some of the storyline for V-gundam.

>> The fact they are armored with Gundarium is the
>> reason why the a Gundam can survive being bombarded by beam fire,
>> missile attacks, and a whole slew of other weapons that would totally
>> an ordinary mobile suit, not just because the hero of the hero of the
>> show happens to be in the suit. It's a good thing too that Kou (whom a
>> while ago was called "the most unaffective Gundam pilot") was in a
>> Gundam. Had he not had the GPs' added armor, he'd probably been killed
>> in the first battle with Gato. Even Christine was lucky to have been in
>> the
>I don't know about missiles, but Gundamium can effectively stop most small
>projectile weapons. However, with beam/heat weapons, it melts like butter.
>Alex got trashed fairly effectively with a heat hawk, and Kou got
>obliterated by a Gelgoog Marine (albeit a souped up version).

Yah, but then Kou wasn't an ace of aces like Gato and Cima (if Burning had
piloted it...)
and the alex, well, that is a case of MS warfare being very realistic,
compared to other lead character fights in gundam. must be an anime
glitch, hahaha!

>Of course, in Gundam Wing, the magical Gundarium is just that, magical.

Yeah, I noticed that...damn things can withstand reentry (wing), can stop
beam weapons (H-Arm's knife), can be supah flexible (shenlong), or just
downright tough (sandrock/deathscythe).
AND yet, a little self destruct and....boom. weird.

>> Alex, for she probably would not have survived Misha's ferious barrage
>> if it weren't for the fact that she was in a Gundam.
>Dunno. Christina was seen complaining about the mobile suit and how fast
>(almost too fast) it was. Who knows how she'd end up if she were in
>something else other than a Gundam.
>A Side Question: Was the Alex wearing it's flak armor during that fight?
>Would it make a difference?
>Y. Choe

That flak armor saved Christina's butt (no offense). If those chain mines
had gotten to the unprotected alex...well, 0080 would have been a very
short series. in fact, it was misha's (is that right?) surprise at the
alex still standing which unnerved him...and led to him being perforated.
I still wonder though, how Christina felt in that chain mine attack. it
would have been like being in a steel barrel, and having a lot of people
hammering at it at the same time. not even gundarium/gundanium would have
survived that sort of attack, specially since they would probably have been
a) magnetic b) directional and c) designed to penetrate armor like
gundanium (remember, they knew they were up against a prototype).

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