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> To be honest, Gundam is a kind of 'second love' for me and took
somewhat of a
> leap. Take a look at the original Macross series Valkyrie fighters,
> everything there is taken straight off of a 1980s fighter aircraft or
ideas of the time
> - infrared search trackers, laser designators, variable geometry
wings, vectored
> thrust, etc. That's due to the series' creator and mechanical
designer, Shoji
> Kawamoi, who essentially started out as a 'fan-boy' of aircraft. That
realism is
> what initially pulled me in. I didnt jump over until I saw the same
sort of realism in
> 0083 (well what do you know, Kawamori did the mechanical designs for that
> too). The original Gundam designs still make me gag somewhat at their
> and lack of detail, and its only three years removed from Macross in
the real
> world (but light years apart art-wise IMHO).
> Hope I didnt come off as 'trashing' Gundam, since I really like it,
especially the
> story. However IMO, it cant compare on a technical basis w/ Macross.
> Kawamori went and took the series on a new direction w/ Macross 7 and
lost a
> lot of its realistic appeal to me, especially with the spiritia
> gimmick. Still, Macross Plus though is the height of animation IMO. At
> rate, it appears that Macross is dead for a while and Gundam lives (if
you can call
> Turn-A that), so that's where I am now.
> Neil Baumgardner

Well-said. I respect someone who can say this. And it's true, too.
Macross is more realistic visually and in a certain technical sense,
whereas gundam hews closer to Super Robots than most "realistic" mecha
shows -- GW/EW and GGUNDAM being the extreme cases.

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