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>I dunno, the transformations would need to be fast for
>any combat machine, or else the machine would have
>a vulnerable time while it was transforming. Joints would
>be reinforced to deal with "that" stress. What I never
>could see was them transforming at high airspeeds.
>As in I'm flying along as fast as I can go, and flip the
>switch look I'm a battroid, no breaking speed, slow
>down even, nope just high speed guiltless animation.
>Paul "No physics for me thanks I'm flying" Fields

I had always assumed that before transformation the valkyrie would give a
boost so that it would be able to cannonball itself while tranformation is
taking place, then activate its engines when it has completed the
transformation...which still beggars the question of how powerful the frame
is, to withstand the stresses of transforming and cannonballing...

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