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>Yes, you're right. First Gundam certainly had a very large female
>following. It was my female cousin (fanatical fan of Garuma and Amuro) who
>first recommended the series to me 20 yrs ago. She cried for days when
>Garuma was killed off... I have to admit part of the reason I liked the
>series was because of Char, but then the story was so intriguing, I got
>hooked. So here I am, 20 yrs. later, still following the Gundam saga. (And
>Char still remains one of my most favorite characters ever)
>Hey, thanks for the honesty. I enjoy some anime that are crap, too. I'll
>admit to actually liking Dragonball Z - got hooked on it while watching it
>with my kids. Now, if I can get them hooked on Gundam, I'll be really set.
>Unfortunately they're more into Pokemon right now. However, if Cartoon
>Channel shows a dubbed, kiddified version of Gundam Wing, they'll probably
>really like it.

hey, I love good crap too! long live Mazinger Z and Voltes V, as well as
Daimos! ya gotta remember, even the mindless crap has a use...these shows
are usually the entry-level shows one watches on the way to becoming anime
fanatics...I liked Saber Rider, for one, and all those other americanized
stuff....and the "American anime" I liked best were Centurions (Kirby
rules) and Spiral Zone!

Don't knock the funky shows! amen! hahahhahahahah!

trivia question for the gundam slumbook:

what event precisely got you guys into gundam?

for me, it was painting a friend's rxf-91 and neogundam. after that, my
first kit was an academy S-gundam...and my first real bandai kit was either
a Zeta C+ or a Dreissen. It's the kits that done me in, Ma! The first
show I watched was Stardust Memories, followed by f-91, then 0080, then GW.
 CCA came later. for me 0080 still had the best story. very samurai!

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