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>That's why I now like Gundam better than Macross, though I still am a Macross
>fan. I sure hate having things unexplained all because they came as a
result of
>alien and terran technology. I haven't heard anyone explain in detail how
>Valkyries in Macross transform so fast (gee, I could only imagine how much
>structural stress would that be, going from fighter mode to battroid), how
>are powered, and such. Gundam has "real-world" explanations behind their
>hardware, so to speak. Gundam tech really is technology for the 21st

apples and oranges. Gundam politics are quite different from Macross, and
so are the technological bases. Macross relied on speed and flexibility,
while Gundam relies on sheer endurance, numbers and kick ass weapons.

to give an example. I've used mekton rules (well, it's the one i chose,
anyway) to see how gundams and macross units would interact with one
another...and one thing I've noticed is that Macross units are damn fast.
their weapons, however, would have a problem with gundam armor. A gundam
is about twice as large as a macross unit, but isn't as agile...not even
the GG units are fast enough to kick a valkyrie's butt. it would take a
shot or a few shots for a gundam to kill a valkyrie, but a valkyrie can
rely on its speed to get around and pump enough rounds into a gundam to
breach its armor. Another thing is the macross penchant for missile
attacks...even with minovsky particles botching things up, a good salvo can
knock out a gundam. A gundam, however can use range to kill a valkyrie
before it can get into range with its rifle cannon. so it's down to how
well a pilot can use either system. I would bet that Roy Fokker would have
given Amuro a fair fight, and that max sterling would have been sheer hell
even for Kamiru's abilities.

it's all a matter of how the technology is focused in mecha production, see.

apples and oranges man.

then of course, SDF1 is powerful and has spacefold capability. something
which gundam never had. but that is not the purview of the comparison.

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