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>> anyway, if that is the case...another thing comes to mind...considering
>> space in a gundam's head for much ammo can one actually store,
>> as in is it like in fighter planes, like in the A10, or do they store as
>> much ammo as an actual turret-based weapon (like the phalanz)? and what
>> sort of ammo do gundam head cannons use?
>In the movies I have, I can see that the majority of the head is hollow, and
>that the ammo for the vulcans is loaded as one or more "block" magazines. I
>have no idea how these magazine works or how rounds are present. In the
>episode, though, we see Amuro burn through his Vulcan ammo load in a matter
>of seconds.
>SJ we can assume that these are a lot of ammobelts linked together
and stored in a drum casing? very modular, very nice. But isn't it also
that some of them are loaded in by the belt, like spooling? i think this
was what i saw in 0083, I'll have to check again.

So Amuro went through it that fast. so is this a standard for most
gundams? if that's the case, then good old HeavyArms from GW must be in a
lot of trouble a few minutes after deployment, unless he's got an ammo dump
travelling with him.

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