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>On Sun, 29 Aug 1999 MS06ZAK@aol.com wrote:
>> It is basically the ultimate compendium of the original Macross series. It
>Sounds great! Could you give me the title, year and publisher for this
>book? Thanks!
>CHIN, Chien Ting

Sorry but Macross Perfect memory is long out of print. I bought mine in '86
I think. It was my first anime book and I remember spending US$35 was a big
deal to me back then.

Anyway the book is about 300pages and very dense with screen shots and line
art. Additional cool features are fake ads from the macross universe (U.N.
Spacey recruitment poster featuring Minmay) frame by frame sequences of
some of the best combat scenes and side by side comparisons of storyboard
to final images.


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