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>Universal Century Timeline
>Gundam 0079: Sayla Mass; OK technically, she didn't pilot a Gundam,
>but she manuevered that Core Booster pretty darn well. Did she pilot
>anything else?

She also piloted the G-Armor.

>0080-War in the Pocket: Christine Mackenzie-pilot of the NT-1 "Alex".
>Even if she wasn't intended to be the pilot of the Alex (after all, the
>SUIT was originally designed for newtypes, and Amuro in particular), she
>was the only one capable of operating it at the the Zions attacked the
>secret Federation base. Plus, at the end of the series, she managed to
>maintain the Alex in a condition lot better than how other Gundams ended
>up, with only a head and part of an arm missing.

Well, she went up against a ZAKU II, fer crying out loud. Even Kou Uraki,
also a test pilot, fared better against the Zakus.

>Makes you wonder why
>the Federation didn't simply repair and reuse it.

The war was over, dude. Why waste money on something that no one will use
(they didn't send Amuro back into duty in the Delaz or AEUG conflicts, did
they? And the Feds did not have any other known NT pilot)

>Then again, doesn't
>it seems that Gundams are rarely ever repaired? They simply get
>replaced with the newest model.

That's a trend started with the non-Tomino series such as Wing.

>0080-Stardust Memories:


>Zeta Gundam: Emma Sheen-Pilot of the RX-178 Gundam Mk II when Camille
>took the helm of the Zeta Gundam
> Four Murasame-Pilot of the MRX-009 Psycho Gundam
> Rosamia Bagame-Pilot of the MRX-010 Psycho Gundam MK II

Didn't Fa (sp?) pilot the Zeta too? Was it the G-Defensor?

>Char's Counterattack: Kayra Su-Pilot of the RGZ-91 ReGz Refined Gundam

And Chien went out in same thrashed ReGZ after Kayra was killed.

>After Colony Timeline

Who cares...


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