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> Generally, a Gundam has an armor consisting of a material called "Lunar
> Titanium" also known as "Gundarium," while GM's lack any such armor.
> I've been following discussions in which GM's are called "massed
> produced Gundams," but correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a suit have
> to be made of Gundarium in order to be considered a "Gundam"? And since
> a GM's armor doesn't have any Gundarium but is rather made up of a what
> I beleive is a titanum alloy ceramic composite, they can't be called
> "Gundams," can they?

Myth #1: Any MS that is outfitted with Luna Titanium automatically
qualifies as a Gundam.

It's a myth alright. Does a MS necessarily have to be composed of Luna
Titanium/Gundamium/Gundarium to be a Gundam?


Gundam Mk. II is a Gundam but its armor is of titanium/ceramic composite.
Many MS after One Year War is outfitted with Gundamium but is not called

Kinda makes it confusing, don't it? OF course, after OYW, the availablity
of beam weapons makes the armor issue null and void while in OYW it's what
saved Amuro's hide. Of course, you can verify this at:


The easiest way of ID'ing a Gundam is to look for the trademark V fin with a
humanoid face, though that does not apply always.

> The fact they are armored with Gundarium is the
> reason why the a Gundam can survive being bombarded by beam fire,
> missile
> attacks, and a whole slew of other weapons that would totally obliterate
> an ordinary mobile suit, not just because the hero of the hero of the
> show happens to be in the suit. It's a good thing too that Kou (whom a
> while ago was called "the most unaffective Gundam pilot") was in a
> Gundam. Had he not had the GPs' added armor, he'd probably been killed
> in the first battle with Gato. Even Christine was lucky to have been in
> the

I don't know about missiles, but Gundamium can effectively stop most small
projectile weapons. However, with beam/heat weapons, it melts like butter.
Alex got trashed fairly effectively with a heat hawk, and Kou got
obliterated by a Gelgoog Marine (albeit a souped up version).

Of course, in Gundam Wing, the magical Gundarium is just that, magical.

> Alex, for she probably would not have survived Misha's ferious barrage
> if it weren't for the fact that she was in a Gundam.

Dunno. Christina was seen complaining about the mobile suit and how fast
(almost too fast) it was. Who knows how she'd end up if she were in
something else other than a Gundam.

A Side Question: Was the Alex wearing it's flak armor during that fight?
Would it make a difference?

Y. Choe

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