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> Not really...while its true that in Essense that the GMs (Jims!) are
> supposed to be Gumdams Mass-Produced,
> Its crappy armament and weak armor put it around the same level as the
> Zaku II series in my book :)

Where does the "weak armor" come from? I've never seen a reference to GMs
having weaker armor than a Gundam, other than the fact the a main character
pilot seems to be god in whatever MS that he/she pilots and GMs get blown
away left and right (kind of like Zakus). The GP01 gets torn to pieces by
Cima's Gelgoog beam machine gun, but it's the fact the Kou is the character
of the shows about that prevents the GP01 from becoming an expanding fire
ball. I have seen references to the GM Cannon II's heavy armor being the same
as the G-4 Alex's Full Armor, which is far tougher than even any armor any
previous Gundam mounted. But we see GM Cannon IIs getting trashed just like
any other MS. And in Tomino's MSG novel trilogy (that many scoff at, but I
don't) GM's were better armed and armored than the G-2 or G-3. It was Amuro's
New Type abilities that made him invincible. Hell, GunCannons actually
mounted far more armor than the Gundam, because the Gundam was intended as a
close in fighter that needed to be light so it could maneuver.

So please tell me where it is specifically stated that GMs are down graded
Gundam. I have yet to find such a reference.


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