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> Hi WHats Ronin warriors about ? Is there a web page about them ?

Its about 5 teen boys, they look about 16-18 years old, that have Samurai
Armor powerd by the elements(nature) one is earth, one is fire, one is water,
one is, I think sky, and one is something similar to nature/forest. I'm not
sure about the last two, its been awhile since I watched it. Try Ronin
Warriors and/or Samurai Troopers in a search engine and you should get good
results, because Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers seems to be very popular. It
sounds generic, but is very well done. Ronin Warriors was shown on TV a few
years ago dubbed in English, but was very well done and has good fights,
which I doubt are edited. Plus, the story was finished when it ended. Sc-Fi
showed it about a year or two ago, and it's supposed to be shown on Cartoon
Newwork this Fall, according to someone on this ML, I forgot his name. See if
you get a chance too, its a very good anime and is serious, but it still has
funny parts, if I remember right. The theme song is very cool also.


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