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> That's why I now like Gundam better than Macross, though I still am a
> fan. I sure hate having things unexplained all because they came as a
> result of
> alien and terran technology. I haven't heard anyone explain in detail how
> the
> Valkyries in Macross transform so fast (gee, I could only imagine how much
> structural stress would that be, going from fighter mode to battroid), how
> they
> are powered, and such. Gundam has "real-world" explanations behind their
> hardware, so to speak. Gundam tech really is technology for the 21st
> Century...
> :-)

True enough. I have some design note for Macross that states that nuclear
engines are used, but I have yet to see anything in English about the
transformation technology (come to think of it, I haven't seen anything about
this in Gundam, either).

With the exception of the Minovsky super science and general cinematics,
Gundam seems to me to be a great example of future living and space warfare.


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