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>Gundam 0079: Sayla Mass; OK technically, she didn't pilot a Gundam,
>but she manuevered that Core Booster pretty darn well. Did she pilot
>anything else?

Actually, she did pilot the Gundam, in Episode 16: Sayla's Sortie, which is
immortalized in the first Gundam movie.

>0080-Stardust Memories: Nina Purpleton, although I wouldn't exactly
>call the moves that she did with that core fighter in Ep 13 "piloting"
>(nor did she have any authorization to be in the core fighter in the
>first place), she still was at the controls.

Nina must've done some simulations on the GP01 and GP02 before they had any
test pilots. Ditto, Lucette Eaudevie on the GP03 at La Vie en Rose.

>Gundam Double Zeta: This is the show I would like the most help with.
>The only references I have are watching a raw version of the last
>episode, a few Newtype 100% Collection books, and a poster. My poster
>shows the Double Zeta in the foreground, with the Zeta behind on the
>left and the MK II behind to the right (You mean, the AEUG actually
>repaired and still use these two SUITS???!!! Incredible!). Below the
>SUITs are pictures of Judo, a purple-haired girl on the left (who I
>assume flies the Zeta) and a blonde girl (who I assume flies Mk II).

Roux Louka and Elle Viann, respectively.

Marvette Fingerhat pilots the Victory Gundam and V Gundam Hexa.

Women do not generally fare so well outside of the anime. Gundams are an
all-male province in Stampede, MS Senki, MS Generation, Cross Dimension
0079, Blue Destiny, Sentinel, Under The Gundam, Hathaway's Flash, Gundam
F90, Formula Wars 0122. Outer Gundam and REON feature a computer
controlled Gundam.

Lanaf Giyariott (?) pilots a Z-series Gundam Plutonius in Moon Crisis.

Vera Ronah pilots a Crossbone Gundam.


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