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>hey! not all guys go for the dumb blonde stereotype! :)

Quite so. My favorite "anime babe" of all time is Kanuka Clancy.

My favorite Gundam femmes are:

Hamon Crowley (the decidedly NOT dumb blonde) in Gundam
Runner Up: Matilda Ajan

Mouaur Pharaoh in Z Gundam
Runner Up: Beltorchika Irma (blonde, yes; dumb, no)

Roux Louka in Gundam ZZ
Runner Up: Haman Karn

Chan Agi in CCA
Runner Up: Nanai Mingeru

Christina Mackenzie in Gundam 0080 (winner by default, as Dorothy's way too

Annamarie Borgia in Gundam F91
Runner Up: Cecily Fairchild/Vera Ronah

Cima Garahau in Gundam 0083 (the single most interesting character in the
entire show, if you ask me)
Runner Up: Lucette Eaudevie

Junko Jenko in V Gundam
Runner Up: Mahalia Merril

Natasha Zabikov in G Gundam
Runner Up: Allengy Beardsley

Lucretia Noin in Gundam W
Runner Up: Lady Une

Ennil El in Gundam X
Runner Up: Paala Sys

Navigator in 08th MS Team
Runner Up: Topp

>if i may be honest, i have this impression that most men's and women's
>magazines (not only american publications, mind you) are typically for
>dolts. but i may be wrong.

You can also add in any of the "lifestyle" magazines…. (^_^);;


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