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>> Trust me though, an experienced GM Ace can wipe
>> the snot off of most Zion's MS offerings, and is
>> of very few MS with Beam Weapons.
> GM Ace? Izzat supposed to be a joke, you can count
> all the GM aces on one hand by the end of the OYW...

Too bad we don't know much about the 07th MS Team of
the Kojima Battalion in "08" OVA. This trio of Ground
GM pilots are the rival of the 08 Team of sort, but we
never see them fight in their GMs, plus they were
drowned 'in a sea of Minovsky particles' when the Feds
lay siege to Zeon's mountain base. Maybe we'll have
"Mobile Suit GM - The 07th MS Team" as manga or games
after all (animation is too much to hope for) ^_^;


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