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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:31:47 EDT

Y. Choe wrote:

>However, most females are attracted to Bishounen or Magikal Girls Type.
>Gundam I hear though has had big female following. It's been known to
>happen. However, I think Gundam Wing just tore it wide open, and Gundam X
>poorly attempted to exploit that... You know the results of that poor
>Project A-Ko is an utter crap, and I am sorry that I actually enjoyed it.
>Y. Choe

Yes, you're right. First Gundam certainly had a very large female
following. It was my female cousin (fanatical fan of Garuma and Amuro) who
first recommended the series to me 20 yrs ago. She cried for days when
Garuma was killed off... I have to admit part of the reason I liked the
series was because of Char, but then the story was so intriguing, I got
hooked. So here I am, 20 yrs. later, still following the Gundam saga. (And
Char still remains one of my most favorite characters ever)

Hey, thanks for the honesty. I enjoy some anime that are crap, too. I'll
admit to actually liking Dragonball Z - got hooked on it while watching it
with my kids. Now, if I can get them hooked on Gundam, I'll be really set.
Unfortunately they're more into Pokemon right now. However, if Cartoon
Channel shows a dubbed, kiddified version of Gundam Wing, they'll probably
really like it.


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