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> Technically, GMs are mass produced Gundam sans the Luna Titanium and Core
> Fighters. Furthermore, the GM Computer/BIOS is lifted off of Amuro's
> including his battle experience and what not.

Except it was the Gundam's ARMOR that saved it most
of the time, not Amuro's lightning fast newtype reflexes.

Since most of the GM pilots ARE NOT newtypes, all
the computer did was teach the GM its ok to get hit.

Sensors: Incoming fire
GM Cpu: That's ok, the armor can take it.
Sensors: Hull Integrity breached, pilot should eject
GM Cpu: Hmmm... never heard that one before
                Maybe he's supposed to use that core thingy
Sensors: GMs don't have one
Sensors: Minovski Reactor Overload
GM Cpu: What's a GM...


And that's why GMs get their butts kicked.

> Therefore, GMs should be
> superior to most of Zion's Mobile Suit offerings, and a fair even match
> Mass Produced Gelgoogs.

Except for Blue Destiny, I don't believe that any OYW
GM could possibly take on a Gelgoog, they might be
ok in a fight against the De-rated Gelgoog Marines we
see in 0083, but now we're talking about a Zeon MS
with a very powerful beam melee weapon, its own shield
and a beam rifle that'll make the GM go home and cry...

> Of course, the heroes and the villians need a
> suitable targets. Therefore, GMs get the short shaft.

Yep, it never fails...

> Trust me though, an experienced GM Ace can wipe the snot off of most
> MS offerings, and is one of very few MS with Beam Weapons.

GM Ace? Izzat supposed to be a joke, you can count all
the GM aces on one hand by the end of the OYW...

> Y. "Ace of my sleeve" Choe
Ahhh... that's where the GM aces are all hiding in Choe's


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