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Not really...while its true that in Essense that the GMs (Jims!) are
supposed to be Gumdams Mass-Produced,
Its crappy armament and weak armor put it around the same level as the
Zaku II series in my book :)

Of course, if you're talking about the later GM varients, the Sniper,
Command(o), then I'd be forced to agree
"Y. Choe" wrote:
> > and the MG clips are pretty small, so carrying 4
> > wouldn't really be that tough. But yes, Heat Saber
> > v. Beam saber is tough to bear... And I should also
> > revise my earlier statement, some Space GMs are
> > better than other space units... but on the ground I
> > give GMs even odds gainst Zakus, and lower vs
> > Doms, and Goufs, and the Googs, hang it up...
> Technically, GMs are mass produced Gundam sans the Luna Titanium and Core
> Fighters. Furthermore, the GM Computer/BIOS is lifted off of Amuro's Gundam
> including his battle experience and what not. Therefore, GMs should be
> superior to most of Zion's Mobile Suit offerings, and a fair even match for
> Mass Produced Gelgoogs. Of course, the heroes and the villians need a
> suitable targets. Therefore, GMs get the short shaft.
> Trust me though, an experienced GM Ace can wipe the snot off of most Zion's
> MS offerings, and is one of very few MS with Beam Weapons.
> Or, more apporiately, in the hands of a protagonist, the Ball can summarily
> destory a testbed Zaku. In a hand of a grunt, an errant Ball can play havoc
> with the GMs.
> Y. "Ace of my sleeve" Choe
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