Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:00:20 -0700

> and the MG clips are pretty small, so carrying 4
> wouldn't really be that tough. But yes, Heat Saber
> v. Beam saber is tough to bear... And I should also
> revise my earlier statement, some Space GMs are
> better than other space units... but on the ground I
> give GMs even odds gainst Zakus, and lower vs
> Doms, and Goufs, and the Googs, hang it up...

Technically, GMs are mass produced Gundam sans the Luna Titanium and Core
Fighters. Furthermore, the GM Computer/BIOS is lifted off of Amuro's Gundam
including his battle experience and what not. Therefore, GMs should be
superior to most of Zion's Mobile Suit offerings, and a fair even match for
Mass Produced Gelgoogs. Of course, the heroes and the villians need a
suitable targets. Therefore, GMs get the short shaft.

Trust me though, an experienced GM Ace can wipe the snot off of most Zion's
MS offerings, and is one of very few MS with Beam Weapons.

Or, more apporiately, in the hands of a protagonist, the Ball can summarily
destory a testbed Zaku. In a hand of a grunt, an errant Ball can play havoc
with the GMs.

Y. "Ace of my sleeve" Choe

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