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> Hi Group!
> I've been lurking through the ML for several months now, and it's
> obvious that a lot of you regulars (particularly: Eddie, Aaron, Z, SJ,
> Chris, Richie, Tabby, Chien-Ting, just to name a few), and it's obvious
> that you all know a lot the Gundam models, books, shows, mangas, and so
> forth.

Thank you for the complement.

I don't know ever much about Gundam, other than what I've seen and read in
English. I mostly just pay attention to what others are talking about, and
ask questions were a point may puzzle me.

As to models and such, I've never actually painted any of my models, but I've
painted hundreds of table top gaming miniatures, so most of what I know is

I'm also an electronics engineer, and work with robotic, vacuum, and plasma
systems, so there's a bit of cross over from those areas, too.

What I love best about the GML is the applying of current science and
technology to explain how the Gundam universe works. I find that awesome.


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