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Wed, 1 Sep 1999 07:52:59 +0800 (SGT)

> Damn.. When I reached that stage, I handed the controller off to my
>friend.. Sorry, I don't remember how.. But in the stage where you have to
>take out the HLV's you have to destroy them section by section. Same
>principle probably goes for the Gau.

The HLV is the last stage, stage 9 actually. The HLV can actually be
destroyed by just shooting the engine core at the base.

> What? There was a stage where you were able to use a beam rifle.. I think
>it was against a Gelgoog or something.. Once again, I let my friend play that

Is it? I have to try again. I think you have to destroy the Gau b4 u can use
the beam weapon at the last stage. Did you play normal or easy mode?

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