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> Has anyone in this list played stage 3? To destroy the Gaw? It seems that
> after destroying the four back engines, it still continue to fly. Does it
> mean you have other parts to aim as well.

    Damn.. When I reached that stage, I handed the controller off to my
friend.. Sorry, I don't remember how.. But in the stage where you have to
take out the HLV's you have to destroy them section by section. Same
principle probably goes for the Gau.

> I have reached stage 9 and the GM sniper 2 custom is in use BUT still no
> beam rifle.
> Has anyone got the option to choose a beam weapon?

    What? There was a stage where you were able to use a beam rifle.. I think
it was against a Gelgoog or something.. Once again, I let my friend play that


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